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About us:

Hi, nice to meet you. We’re Sizzer.

We are an international music partner with offices in Amsterdam and Berlin.

We work together with brands and agencies to create music and sound concepts for moving images. We strive to be the go-to partner for the most creative and ground-breaking musical stories being told. We want to work with people that make us happy, that dare to embrace the unknown and thrive on a bit of chaos where creativity flourishes. Sometimes these people work for brands like Heineken, Diesel, Mercedes or Chanel.

‘Music’ is not just a business to us – we are a group of misfits with strong ideas and opinions about the broader cultural context in which we operate, and the world around us in general. We are looking for someone who fits in by not necessarily ‘fitting in’.



As a music producer you are a musician at heart. You know your way around an instrument, and maybe even jammed in a band or two. It’s possible you graduated cum-laude from a conservatory. But you could have also learned the ropes during your world-tours, trashing dressing rooms and forgetting setlists. You might be all punk on the outside, but on the inside we expect you to run like clockwork. A great deal of the job will include handling impossible deadlines, briefing eccentric composers and deciphering client feedback. So nerves of steel should be in place.

Besides your love for music. You should have a keen interest in film as well. Add a passion for advertising and you're golden.

In terms of experience, we are open to everyone who considers himself to be somewhere between a ‘medior music producer’ all the way up to ‘executive music producer’ level. This means we expect certain skills and knowledge already to be present.

But other than that we find character, talent and attitude equally as important.


• A broad technical knowledge of music production: highly proficient in at least 1 DAW, understand basic plugins.

• A good understanding of music in general: understand what instruments are used in songs, common chord progressions, good ear for melodies, and the ability to dive into certain genres / cultures to understand musical characteristics.

• Basic understanding of advertising and film.

• An existing network of musicians/composers/mixers etc.


• A chance to be part of a fast-growing, internationally operating music agency

• An amazing office right in the centre of Amsterdam or in Berlin Mitte.

• A full time contract 

If this sounds like you, please apply now sending your resume and motivation letter. Make sure to include your top 5 albums you would bring to a desert island!